Starting on extreme east end of yard, first track off main line (north)
is called "Oil" track.  In vicinity of depot, track south of main is
"elev" track, and one to north "Coal" track.  Going over on old
CBQ RR, track into Honeggers Feed plant is termed "Mill" track, the
track directly north (old CBQ Main) is called "Ramp" track.  About
four blocks east of Honeggers following old Q Main we have a ready-
mix plant and that track is termed "BellWood" track.

Freight Bills:
Honeggers feed plant is the only one that takes more that the
usual five copy frt bill.  Necy to make 7 copies for them.  With
one copy for pro order, on dely copy and one for RMSnelson office
(dm) they get the remaining four copies.  On grain products for
Honeggers, it is necy to record the shipment for transit.  They haven't
shipped for sometime but still want their inbound (grain) bills record-
ed.  There is a small black notebook in upper right hand drawer of
desk that you use for recording.  I stamp WB with the following
                                    (record the following for Transit)
Recorded for Transit                     Corn
Bureau No. (Next No in NoteBook)         Soyabean Meal.
Date Recorded (Current Date)             Midds.
(Your Name)                              Mill Feed
        Agent                            Mash
                                         Alfalfa pellets.

In second drawer on left, use stamp "not good for transit" on
original frt bill and two bottom copies.  2nd copy is stamped "Good
for transit"  (These are the four copies you deliver to Honeggers,
not necy to stamp three copies listed above (pro-dely-RMSnelson)
with Good or Not Good for transit stamps.  Any collect bills for
Honeggers call their attention to such when you deliver bill account
most of their bills are prepaid and they tend to overlook those collect.
Honeggers under 50,000 dollar bond to cover Shippers Order" shipments,
See file as to keeping of record.  Attach B/L to delivery sheet when
rec'd from Honeggers.  Under bond, they have 5 days to get B/L.

Lumber bills for Circle B Cashway are sent to Winterset, Iowa
for collection.  They want two copies of frt bill and their mailing
address is on window sill right under pencil sharpener.  In event,
they overlook payment in the required five days, call Mr Paul Lee
at local yard and he will handle for prompt payment.

BellWood Constn receives cement in cover hopper cars, and if the
weight is over 140000 lbs (net) he is entitled to unloading allowance.
Here you have to issue him a station draft at 35 cents per ton and
revise the waybill as shown on copy attached.  Show draft on balance
sheet and take credit for same under Frt Payments and refunds, you
can look back on old Balance sheets is necy.  Also look back on
copies of frt bills made out for them, auditor wants the figures
shown on frt bill even tho shipments are "Prepaid".

Should you receive any "Newsprint" for our local paper "Record
and Tribune" they also receive a unloading allowance handle in same
way as above.  Their allowance is $2.00 per ton or 1 ct a pound.
Again be sure and revise waybill accordingly.

All reports to Chicago are now sent U.S.Mail.  Use large envelopes
located in cabinet below adding machine and when all entered
take to Laverty Elev and weigh on their scale and add postage accord-

Most forms located in second drawer in cabinet except 37 report forms
which I keep in cabinet directly south of working desk.
1st three years records are kept on shelf under open ticket window.
I keep a current record of station earnings and car loads in and
out on a "Trial" 2071 report right by pencil sharpener.  Those figures
in black columns 2 & 4 will be the same as you will show at
end of month.  Figs in first column are the number of cars rec'd or
forwarded in current month and when totaled are added to the
figures in column 3 for you total of rec'd or forward "This year"

Figures on white paper in front of 2071 represent station earnings
for month to date and all you have to do to get total of month is
add these up for your 406 report.  Where to send these reports
is shown on back side of cover containing 2071 past report copies.
(Cabinet to south) RMSnelson office checks these 2071 close so be
sure figures add up correct at bottom.

Stamps are located in drawer undr adding machine.
Sta Draft book is hidden behind file of Corrections (Under pencil shprnr)
Have another sta draft book hidden under papers, 6th pigeon hole
from bottom south row old tariff file case.
This is my personal typewriter and will appreciate keeping it covered
when not in use.
Chicago calls around 10 am to 11am for 37 report but it has been
earlier or even in the afternoon.
Fone all msgs to Des Moines relay office along with 47 reports.
My wife will be working some of my vacation at Laverty Elev and
will pick up our mail day to day.

Will be working around the house and yard at home.  Need any help
give me a call.

CT42:  Yard Checks - 3 copies Monday & Thurs.  Orig. File - 2nd copy
D.E.Visney, chgo - 3rd copy, BB Brenton, Asst Sup. DM
only one ofc copy tue-wed-fri.

Train come in tri-weekly, Mon, Wed and Fri nights,  All 284-7230
Des Moines (yardmaster) and he will give you a line up of what cars
are coming down.  Then you can make switch list.  When Honeggers get
cars, call Honeggers and find out how they want them spotted.
Leave same info on your switch list.  Check back on my lists to get idea.
Also condr will leave "set out list", showing time and date of arrival.
File the list on file located in back of chair.

Leave switch list in mail box by front door.